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Ali's Choice -- Trillium MillerQuestions/Answers from Trillium

How did you get started writing BDSM erotica?

I’ve been writing all my life, so that part came naturally! Like many other women, I stumbled on The Story of O and found it turned me on as a fantasy. While it wasn’t a life I wanted to live, it was definitely erotic! Early in this new century, before the world turned totally erotic, I penned a short story for a magazine with a BDSM theme and they bought it. Come to think of it, it was the first fiction story I’d sold!

What’s the most difficult part about writing BDSM erotica?

While writing erotica of any kind, it’s important to remember it’s a story. It needs to have all the elements of any story—character goals and motivation, as well as conflict. The reader needs to see the characters grow and change. Even the sex scenes need to move the story forward and indicate a change in one or more of the characters. When I’m writing something “juicy,” it can be difficult to remember that.

Do you self-publish or traditionally publish?

I sold my first erotic story to the now-defunct Silver Publishing. I was so excited!  Then, I learned I should have done my homework. Getting my royalties was worse than pulling teeth. I finally got my rights back and have started re-issuing the titles under my self-publishing press: Lights Out Press. My vanilla titles are primarily published by small presses with a much better character than Silver.

What do you like best about writing erotica?

Um … it turns me on?

What’s the most important thing you’d like people to remember about your writing?

It’s fantasy. Some of my books skirt close to non-consensual acts—although consent is always there in the beginning, as it must be to conform to the conventions of BDSM practice.. This is particularly true of the books set in 1960’s New York City. It was a different time then. Amazingly, spanking a female employee was still accepted practice! In real life, I totally support a woman’s right to equal opportunity and reward on a parity with men. I write male-dominated stories, but they are simply that—stories.

Where can we find your books?

All my books are on Amazon, and a few are on Smashwords which distributes them to other platforms like iTunes and Barnes and Noble.


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