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Cara pictureCara Downey is from North Preston, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in Canada.  She is an avid reader of erotic romances and thrillers.  She loves to dish on twitter and via email with her favorite authors about their current and upcoming novels, and anyone else who will chime in.  She loves to interact with readers on Facebook and Twitter.  You can always find Cara on twitter@cara_downey


Where can I purchase copies of your poetry?

Buy E-book : Kobo | Kindle | Nook

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Find my book at Goodreads

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Why did you choose to write about BDSM? 

I chose to write about BDSM, because it is important to me.  There is a lot of misunderstanding abut the lifestyle.  So I wanted to write about how beautiful the lifestyle is and how deep the connection is between two people who live the life.

Who was your inspiration and contributed to your decision to take the plunge and publish your work?

My inspiration to write came from authors like Maya Banks and Beth Kery, to name a few.
Do you have plans to write a full length novel?

Yes, I do have plans to write a full length novel at some point.  Right now I am working on my next collection of poetry.


Why not BDSM??? BDSM is a deep connection between two people, who have amplified their love for one another.  There is misconception and a negative view surrounding BDSM.  With books like "Fifty Shades of Grey" (now a future length film) etc... My hope is that my writing shows readers how amazing, how beautiful, and how fulfilling the lifestyle is... especially with the right person. 

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